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Payment processing times

SWIFT code/BIC code

Receive an overseas payment

Find an ANZ branch/ATM

Credit card travel insurance

Close your account

Find your customer number

International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

Collect a 'Pay to Mobile' payment

Transfer money overseas

Transfer money overseas in another currency - Internet Banking and goMoney

Overseas travel

Dispute a credit card transaction

Finding my recipient’s SWIFT/BIC code

ATM withdrawal limit

Order a new Visa Debit card

Register to send money overseas - Internet Banking and goMoney

Apply for an overdraft

Using cards overseas

International money transfer fees

Unable to log in to Internet Banking

Opening a new joint account

Unforeseen financial hardship

KiwiSaver early withdrawal for significant financial hardship

Resident Withholding Tax

Lost EFTPOS/Visa Debit card

Register for OnlineCode

Register for Internet Banking

Reset Internet Banking password

Cheque clearance times

Personalise your Visa Debit card

Making a credit card payment

Foreign exchange rates

Information required to send money overseas

Unarranged overdraft fee

Dispute an ATM, EFTPOS or Visa Debit transaction

Transfer limits when sending money overseas

Install ANZ's banking app

Branch number field - transferring money overseas via Internet Banking

Arrange travel insurance

Open a term deposit

Visa holds

KiwiSaver early withdrawal for a first home

Get old account statements

Increase credit limit

Order or exchange foreign cash

Set/change a PIN on your card

Increase overdraft limit

Cancel your card and order a replacement

Lump sum payment to home loan

Close/withdraw from term deposit

Transfer Australian super to KiwiSaver

Open an account

Update contact address

Order a new EFTPOS card

Close your credit card account

Importing transaction history into an accounting package

Open a joint account

Retrieve payment to an incorrect account

Cancel a direct debit

Overseas ATM transactions charges

KiwiSaver retirement withdrawal

Make a payment

Get a bank cheque

KiwiSaver early withdrawal for permanent emigration

Forgot ANZ goMoney PIN

Payment to a mobile number

Joint accounts

Account holder versus an authorised signatory

Dispute an ATM deposit

Reinvest a term deposit

Closing a joint account

Credit card interest calculation

Check account balance


Card Security Code

Joining a MyMeeting meeting

Apply for a balance transfer

Using Paywave/PayPass

Apply for a home loan

Apply for a home loan top up

Apply for a Personal Loan - ANZ Internet Banking

Reduce overdraft limit

Exported history not showing all transactions

Set up an automatic payment

Personalise your credit card or EFTPOS card

Fraudulent transactions from your account

Change which fund your KiwiSaver savings are invested in

Activate your credit card

Credit card fraud

goMoney Wallet compatible devices

Lodge a complaint

Lost credit card

Apply for a Personal Loan - ANZ goMoney

Joining a MyMeeting meeting on a desktop computer

Payment file upload

Credit card transaction information

Open an Australian ANZ account

Suitable ID requirements

Place a temporary block on your card

Transaction Fees

Make a tax payment to IRD

Early reissue of EFTPOS/Visa Debit card

Find payment details

Internet Banking minimum technical requirements

Paying for funerals with deceased customer's accounts

Quick transfer funds / Pay now to credit card

File types for payment file upload

Stop receiving account statements

Open an account from overseas

Joining a MyMeeting meeting by phone

Uploading a payment file in ANZ Internet Banking

Protection against unauthorised transactions

Open an account - ANZ goMoney

Reopen a closed account

Cancel an upcoming electronic payment

Transaction history export formats

Setting up Apple Pay

Scam/phishing emails

Withdraw from your credit card

KiwiSaver tax obligation

Change your OnlineCode mobile number

Air New Zealand Lounge eVouchers

Transfer funds between your accounts

Contactless ATMs, in branch or withdrawing cash

Setting up goMoney Wallet

ANZ goMoney Android permissions

Failed payment fee

How to pay using goMoney Wallet

Reverse an automatic payment

MyMeeting device requirements

Update your name

Edit an automatic payment

What is a Bonus Bond?

Stop/cancel a bank cheque

Send secure Bank Mail

Exporting transaction history

Change App Store/Google Play location

Ways to use Apple Pay

goMoney Wallet security

Payment not made

Death of account holder

Deceased customer debt

Using the functions in MyMeeting

Remove a temporary block from my card

Lump sum contributions to KiwiSaver

Transfer funds to your KiwiSaver account in ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ goMoney

MyPhoto card image formats and sizes

KiwiSaver HomeStart grant

Decrease credit limit

goMoney Wallet compatible cards

MyPhoto cards for new customers

Link personal and business accounts

Pay a group or several payees - Internet Banking

Blocked cards in goMoney Wallet

Choosing an account

Early reissue of credit card

Update email address

Find transaction history

Delete payee - Internet Banking

Trouble loading ANZ Internet Banking?

KiwiSaver contributions holiday

Apply for a Personal Loan

Death of a joint account holder

Stop/cancel cheques

Set up an automatic payment for tax - Internet Banking

KiwiSaver early withdrawal for serious illness

goMoney Wallet Fees and Charges

View your KiwiSaver account in ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ goMoney

Death certificates

Change term deposit maturity instructions

Credit card statements alerts

Police infringement fines

Lost cards - goMoney Wallet

Using Apple Pay when your card is lost or stolen

Maximum number of payments for payment file upload

Using your iPhone to pay

Using Apple Pay overseas

Payment made to wrong mobile number

Stolen credit card

Where to pay with goMoney Wallet

Apple Pay security

Reasons for not receiving an OnlineCode

Cost of using Apple Pay

Change term deposit interest instructions

goMoney Wallet on rooted Android devices

Finding old loan statements

Apple Pay compatible ANZ cards

Using Apple Pay with devices or ANZ cards from overseas

My goMoney Wallet phone has been lost or stolen

Using goMoney Wallet overseas

Find upcoming payments

goMoney Wallet iPhone availability

Data connection requirements for goMoney wallet

Holding your phone when paying with goMoney Wallet

Additional fees for Apple Pay payments

Reporting fraud or lost device/card

Redeeming the ANZ Low Rate Visa BPMe offer

Apply for a credit card - ANZ Internet Banking

Join KiwiSaver

Apply for a credit card

About Apple Pay

Accidental goMoney Wallet payments

goMoney Wallet payments on statements

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Access accounts through credit card

Using your card PIN with Apple Pay

Add new group of payees to pay

Finding your phone’s operating system and model number

Common payment file upload problems

Turning off NFC

Card benefits with goMoney Wallet

Processing refunds

Apple Pay compatible devices

Stolen EFTPOS/Visa Debit card

Delete or edit a bill payee - goMoney

Duplicate goMoney Wallet transactions

Add a payee

Using Apple Pay within an app

Finding tax certificates

Setting up automatic payments with SmartPayroll

'Upload my own photo button' not working for MyPhoto card

Earning Air New Zealand Lounge eVouchers

SmartPayroll free trial

Change account nickname

Eftpos terminals that require a signature

Device Account Number and receipts

Alerting your customers about Apple Pay

Using your Apple Watch to pay

SmartPayroll not showing on my Internet Banking

goMoney Wallet in power saving mode

Viewing Apple Pay transactions

Authorising payments

Reasons you have received an OnlineCode

Apply for a credit card - ANZ goMoney

Apple Pay purchases in apps or a website

Internet requirements for Apple Pay

Earning ANZ card rewards with Apple Pay

Changing default card for Apple Pay

Removing a card from Apple Pay

Blocking additional cardholders from using Apple Pay

Lost or stolen devices – Apple Pay

Authenticating payments within apps or a website

Error message in Safari for MyPhoto application

Supported browsers and operating systems for MyPhoto card

Switch to ANZ

Delete bill payee

Sign up for KiwiSaver via ANZ Internet Banking

Sign up to KiwiSaver via goMoney

Small transactions in your KiwiSaver account history

Accepting payments within apps or a website

Accepting Apple Pay payments

Placing a temporary block on your Apple Pay card

Adding multiple cards with Apple Pay