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  1. Credit card travel insurance If you have a Gold or Platinum credit card with ANZ and you pay for at least half of your pre-paid travel expenses with your card you may be eligible to receive overseas travel insurance. To check... Date Updated: 24/08/2017
  2. Find your customer number Your customer number is a number unique to you and is what you use to log in to ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ Phone Banking. This can be found on the back of most ANZ credit and debit cards. If you... Date Updated: 23/08/2017
  3. Dispute a credit card transaction Updated We recommend you try contacting the merchant you made the purchase with before submitting a dispute. To dispute a transaction on your ANZ credit card you must be the primary or additional cardholder... Date Updated: 17/04/2018
  4. Using cards overseas Updated When travelling overseas with an ANZ EFTPOS, Visa Debit or credit card there are several things to keep in mind:   Check your expiry date If your card is due to expire during your overseas... Date Updated: 26/03/2018
  5. Overseas travel Updated If you have overseas travel planned, there are several things ANZ can help with: What you need to know when using a card overseas How to arrange travel insurance Arranging foreign cash  or a... Date Updated: 27/03/2018
  6. Unforeseen financial hardship Financial hardship can affect people in different ways. We may be able to provide you with hardship assistance depending on your circumstances. Visit our Financial Hardship portal for more... Date Updated: 24/08/2017
  7. Making a credit card payment Paying your ANZ credit card bill is easy - just choose the option that suits you: Transfer funds: You can transfer funds to your ANZ credit card through ANZ goMoney, ANZ Internet Banking, Phone... Date Updated: 23/08/2017
  8. Visa holds A Visa hold (or 'Pre-authorisation') can be performed by a merchant to determine that a card is valid and active and/or to determine that funds are available to cover the transaction... Date Updated: 24/08/2017
  9. Increase credit limit You will need to contact us to increase your ANZ credit card limit.   Contact us Call us on 0800 658 044 . If you are overseas, call  +64 9 522 3010 Send us a Bank Mail request... Date Updated: 24/08/2017
  10. Set/change a PIN on your card You can set up or change your PIN on your personal EFTPOS, Visa Debit or credit card through ANZ Internet Banking or ANZ goMoney. ANZ Internet Banking ANZ goMoney If you are not registered for... Date Updated: 24/08/2017

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