Reverse an automatic payment

Last updated: 23/08/2017 04.35 PM

An automatic payment went out. How can I reverse this?

Once we’ve sent an automatic payment, we can’t cancel or reverse it.

You can only skip or stop an automatic payment you’ve set up:

  • for a future date, up to 4am on the payment date
  • to go out that same day, before 9.30pm
  • while the payment is in retry.

If you make a mistake, contact us immediately. We may be able to help by contacting the other ANZ customer or bank and asking them to return the money. We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to recover the payment. A credit retrieval fee of $100 applies, even if we’re not able to recover the funds for you.

Need to recover more than one payment at once? As well as the credit retrieval fee, we charge an extra $25 for each additional payment. See our rates, fees and agreements section for more information.

We don’t have to get involved in disputes between you and anyone receiving your electronic payment.

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