Reporting fraud or lost device/card

Last updated: 21/08/2017 10.52 AM

What do I do if I suspect fraud on my device or card?

You must contact ANZ immediately on 0800 269 847 if:

  • your Apple device or the SIM card for your Apple device are lost or stolen
  • someone else has used, or might have used, Apple Pay without your authority
  • someone else knows, or may know, the passcode on your Apple device or your ANZ card PIN
  • the telephone number for your Apple device is transferred to someone else without your permission, and you are suddenly disconnected from the mobile service on your Apple device. This may indicate you have been subject to mobile phone fraud 
  • you suspect a security breach has occurred in relation to your Apple device or Apple Pay.

Based on your report, we stop the use of your ANZ card in Apple Pay, and we may also suspend use of your plastic ANZ card. This helps protect you as much as possible from additional loss or liability.

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