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Last updated: 25/09/2020 04.12 PM

How do I make an electronic payment in ANZ goMoney?

Follow the steps below to make a bill payment in ANZ goMoney:

  1. Log into ANZ goMoney on your smart phone
  2. Navigate to Payments > Pay a Person or a Bill
  3. Choose a recipient from your list of saved payees or tap Enter name.  To pay someone new enter the recipient's account name and select Done
    To search for a registered company start typing the company name and select from the list.  
    If the company is not in our list of registered companies you will have to get the account number and information required on the company's statement from the company themselves - always double check when entering an account number
  4. Enter the payment amount, date and statement details
  5. Select whether you wish to make this a recurring payment
  6. Tap Pay
  7. Confirm the details and tap Confirm.

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