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Last updated: 24/08/2017 08.42 AM

How do I pay a group of people in a single transaction in ANZ Internet Banking?

Follow the steps below to make pay several people at the same time in ANZ Internet Banking

  1.  Log into ANZ Internet Banking
  2. Navigate to Pay & transfer > Pay several payees
  3. Choose the account to make the payment from (all the payments will be paid from this account)


  4. Choose a payee from the dropdown list and click Add payee
  5. You can add up to 20 single payees from the Pay another payee list or pay a group
    • If you select to pay a group, all the payees in the group will be displayed for payment. 
    • You can remove a payee from this payment by unticking them.  These changes will not be saved to the group.
  6. Enter the Amount you want to pay each payee
  7. Select the day you want to Make this payment on.
    • Tick the Make all payments on this date checkbox if you want to have all payments to be made on this date
  8. Choose Edit reference details to view/edit them for this payment instance only.
    You can also choose to Show all reference details

    You can change the Details to appear on your statement or Details to appear on their statement for each individual payment

  9. Click Next
  10. Confirm the details and click Confirm & pay

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