Exported history not showing all transactions

Last updated: 24/08/2017 08.50 AM

Why are some transactions missing/excluded from my ANZ Internet Banking transaction history export?

Recent unprocessed transactions are excluded from CSV, QIF & TSV file formats when exporting transactions from ANZ Internet Banking. The details for recent unprocessed transactions may be missing, could change or may simply drop off, so to reduce the risk of reconciliation errors and discrepancies, these transactions are excluded until they are fully processed.  

This may result in differences of totals between what is imported versus what you see in ANZ Internet Banking or using the Excel Export – these views show all transactions, not just those that have been fully processed.

Some examples of these types of transactions are:

  • Transaction amounts shown as temporary hold – this is common with companies or organisations such as rental car companies, hotels or paying for fuel at self-service petrol pumps
  • Foreign currency payments showing as incomplete – whilst awaiting final currency conversion details
  • The company you have made a purchase from has not yet completed the processing of your payment

If you are importing transactions for use within an accounting package or computer software program, we recommend that you wait until all transactions in the period you are querying have been fully processed.

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