Lost cards - goMoney Wallet

Last updated: 24/08/2017 08.42 AM

Will anything happen to my goMoney Wallet card if I lose my associated plastic card?

If you lose your plastic card, you must contact ANZ on 0800 658 044 or International +64 9 522 3010, as soon as possible so we can disable the plastic card. Any wallet card linked to a cancelled plastic card may also be cancelled.

If we cancel your wallet card, we'll remove it from your goMoney Wallet. You can set it back up again by going into goMoney Wallet from the main navigation menu. goMoney Wallet can continue to be used as a payment option until you receive your new plastic card.

If you place a temporary block on your physical Visa Debit, EFTPOS or credit card, all your goMoney Wallet cards remain active. To manage your goMoney Wallet, you’ll need to log into goMoney or contact us on 0800 658 044 or International +64 4 470 5019.

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