Visa holds

Last updated: 24/08/2017 08.44 AM

What is a Visa hold?

A Visa hold (or 'Pre-authorisation') can be performed by a merchant to determine that a card is valid and active and/or to determine that funds are available to cover the transaction amount.

Possible examples of a Visa hold are:

  • A hotel could put a hold on a certain amount of funds upon check in until the customer settles the bill when they check out.
  • A company may place a small tester transaction on a card during an online purchase to confirm the card is valid before processing the transaction.


Removing a Visa hold

It can take up to 5 business days to allow time to process the completed transaction. Once the transaction has processed, the original hold amount will be replaced with the actual purchase amount - the difference will not appear as a credit to the account.

If the purchase is not completed by the merchant within the 5 business days, it will automatically be removed from your transactions.

If you require access to the held funds earlier than this, you will need to contact the merchant to send us a fax authorising the removal of the hold.

The fax must be on a company letterhead, include the transaction details and card number, and be faxed to +64 4 470 5403.


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