Payments requiring more than one authoriser?

Last updated: 18/09/2020 11.30 AM

How do I authorise payments on an account that needs more than one authoriser?

ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ goMoney allows you to create and authorise payments that require more than one authoriser without the need to sign a cheque, visit a branch, or contact us.
An authoriser is someone who has permission to make payments from an account. The number of authorisers needed to approve a payment depends on how your account rules are set up.
The authorise payments feature allows you to:
  • Create and authorise one off bill payments in both ANZ Internet Banking and ANZ goMoney.
  • Create tax payments in ANZ goMoney, and authorise tax payments in both ANZ goMoney and ANZ Internet Banking.
To set up a payment for multiple authorisers:
  1. Create a payment - Select ‘Pay a person or bill’. In ANZ goMoney you can also select ‘Pay tax’. You will see a note advising that this new payment requires further authorisation.
  2. Authorisers will receive a notification - An ANZ goMoney notification is sent to other authorisers who have permission to approve the payment. Customers that use ANZ Internet Banking will see a notification at the top of the Home screen when they have a payment to review.
  3. Review the payment - Review the payment details in Payment Authorisations.
  4. Payment is authorised - When all the required people have authorised the payment, it will be processed according to our usual processing times.
To get help with setting up Authorised payments call us on 0800 269 249. If you are overseas, call +64 9 523 7220 (toll charges apply).

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