Setting up a Transaction Alert – ANZ goMoney

Last updated: 08/05/2020 10.39 AM

How do I set up a Transaction Alert in ANZ goMoney?

To set up a transaction alert:
  1. Check that you have notifications enabled for ANZ goMoney on your device by going into the settings of your phone or tablet.
  2. Open your ANZ goMoney app on your device.
  3. Login to ANZ goMoney;
  4. Tap Settings then Notifications
  5. Select your alert type ‘Deposit Alert’ or 'Balance Alert'
  6. Select the account you’d like to create the alert for from the list of eligible accounts.
  7. Enter the amount you’d like to get alerts for. (For 'Deposit Alerts' if you enter $10, you’ll get notified every time a deposit lands in your account that is $10 or more. For 'Balance Alerts', if you enter $10, you'll get notified if a debit/withdrawal against the account causes the available balance to drop below $10).
  8. Tap ‘Done’.
Your device will now get a notification for the transaction amount you set up.

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